Address : Number 72 , Emam Khomeini Str. Tehran , Iran

About Us


SANAT PARDAZ trading company, has been established in 1991 , due to importing and distributing about industrial equipment, speciality systems and components for projects, workshops, factories and other industrial technical units .
SANAT PARDAZ team , has the ability to adapt to customer needs with updated technology and quality products and Durable to provide you with comfort and confidence to take advantage of it and be with us for a better tomorrow.


SANAT PARDAZ Trading Company, with its efforts and ability to Planning and scheduling , already acquired represented several foreign companies in the field of industrial parts and tools, , which has influence to achieve Satisfaction , approval and Working with many major utility consumption and industrial components such as air companies, automobile and so on . 
All European items listed ,
approved by EU and are under license of Airetool ,USA . It is worth mention that , we can offer a variety of products with using branded products ,which are listed for maintenance and operation of production lines . 
Then , hereby , SANAT PARDAZ honored and proud to invites you to visit our 80sqm Showroom , which represents a small part of our capabilities .